Founded in 1991 and headquartered in the heart of Luxembourg, Artemis is an established leader in Information Management and in Institutional Building. From consulting, designing and implementing large-scale information systems, to providing full-service analysis and comprehensive reporting, with our expertise, the possibilities are endless.

Our multi-disciplined, multi-lingual team of statisticians, economists and IT experts provide end-to-end solutions to help you streamline, manage and optimise your information management processes.

A close relationship with leading European universities and collaboration with other European companies provides Artemis, and our clients, with an outstanding resource of specialists

A Trusted Partner - Building Strategic Relationships

We've achieved exceptional results for international organisations and institutions (European Commission, United Nations, World Bank) and other public bodies.

Over the past five years Artemis Information Management S.A. has implemented about 60 projects in the field of Statistics, Web and Enterprise Content Management and Technical Assistance worldwide, and signed 150 contracts of a total value of 9 million euros and almost 20 000 man/days. In the context of its activities, our company has developed a large scope of expertise in various economic sectors, its principle domains of specialization being: external trade, transport (aviation, maritime, inland waterways, and rail), energy, education and research, tourism, business registers, as well as PPP, public finance, and housing.

Taking advantage of these assets, since 1999 Artemis carries out cooperation projects in the Central and Eastern European countries, the Balkans, the countries of the Mediterranean area, Africa, and South America. and contributes to the capacity building of national administrations worldwide